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Benefield Sabrina MD at 707 Hollybrook Drive in Longview, Texas

Benefield Sabrina MD is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 707 Hollybrook Drive.
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Phone: +1 903-757-2790


707 Hollybrook Drive,
Longview, Texas
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Customer Reviews about Benefield Sabrina MD

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    She kept pushing for me to be induced (even the day after I was due), even though I had had no complications through the whole pregnancy and I had specifically said that I wanted to wait for a couple of weeks, if my daughter didn't come on time. I got a call every other day saying that they scheduled me to be induced. When I did finally go in and be induced, she yelled (no exaggeration) at my parents in front of me, and my younger siblings (who were 6 and 14) because we didn't want to have the baby by c-section and wanted to see if she would come on her own, especially after already being induced. She kicked my parents out of the room. There were still no issues AT ALL with the pregnancy. When I finally gave in and went in to have my c-section, she continued to bad mouth my family to the nurses, ALL WHILE SHE WAS DELIVERING MY BABY! I was scared to confront her, because while I was open on the table, she was in control of mine and my daughter's life. I got a notice a couple of weeks later that I was not allowed back at the hospital (which included the wonderful nurses that helped me through my whole pregnancy). She was not helpful or comforting through any of it. I was simply just a number and I was not moving fast enough for her schedule. she had her best in mind, not mine and my daughter's. 1 and a half years later, I am still terrified to have another child and go through that experience again.
    March 23, 2017
    by A Google User
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Benefield Sabrina MD is located at 707 Hollybrook Drive, Longview, Texas.