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Britton Kim B at 707 Hollybrook Drive in Longview, Texas

Britton Kim B is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 707 Hollybrook Drive.
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Phone: +1 903-291-6114


707 Hollybrook Drive,
Longview, Texas
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    Nurse Britton is terrible. She once worked under Dr. Sawyer years ago as a nurse practitioner, but that time is gone. I have been taking my grandmother to her since that time (about 5 or 6 years now), and she spends no time talking to us at all, tinkers around with medicines that she doesn't even understand, and honestly seems to pretend that she's an actual doctor instead of a nurse. My grandmother is extremely elderly (almost 90 now), and it's a huge ordeal to get her ready for her appointments. To simply get her going and prepared, picking out her "outing clothes," putting her makeup on, and doing her hair, loading up her wheelchair...etc.... this takes at LEAST 3 hours on a good day. After all of this, and catching a bit of traffic, we finally made it up there; her appointment was at 2:00PM, and we were at the front desk for sign-in at 2:05PM. We waited in the lobby for a few minutes, and her assistant or whatever came out and informed us that we'll have to reschedule since we were late. Literally five minutes late... not six, or seven, but five minutes. I was frustrated, and told them that it'll be fine, but then they said that the next available appointment would be three months out. Because I, her transportation, was five minutes late, she ended up wasting four hours of her time to make sure that she looked perfect in public. To make this whole situation worse, this wasn't a typical scheduled check-up, but rather she had been extremely ill for the past week, and this appointment was to find out what was going on. Kim literally turned down my ill grandmother of 89 years old because I was five minutes late. I guess she really wanted to prove a point about how important she is or something, I'm not quite sure. To make everything much worse, she will spend no time trying to communicate with you about any concerns that you might have with you or your loved one's health. She doesn't set expectations when it comes to any type of treatment or medications. If you need to see her for a concerning symptom (not emergency, but close), then you will definitely get an appointment setup for the coming month or two. Lastly, she does see herself as an actual doctor instead of a nurse practitioner. The communication that goes on between you and her becomes a diagnosis of sorts by the time the real doctor gets any information. This has caused issues for my family a few times, because she doesn't spend any time during the "doctor" visits to get the proper details for a diagnosis, and she seemingly squeezes in details that she assumes, and by the time the real doctor gets everything... it's a completely wrong diagnosis. She once diagnosed "bed sores," and when the pain wasn't going away she tried to educate us on what we're doing wrong with her routines... a second opinion confirmed it was actually stage 3 bone cancer. If we hadn't gone with our gut and trusted her nursing/pseudo doctor knowledge, then she surely would've passed away instead of it going into remission. I was hesitant about writing such a review on her, but it's important for new potential patients to see what is to be expected.
    March 31, 2017
    by Wonky Tonk
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Britton Kim B is located at 707 Hollybrook Drive, Longview, Texas.